Kyoto is a city of longevity. Kyoto is a city that has flourished as a capital, where the wind smells and where people live with the mountains and water. Kyoto is a city of diverse skills and knowledge, refined over the course of history and coloured by the breath of craftsmanship that continues to this day.

  • YO-01 岱崎織物 FABRICS
  • WB-01 渡文 TEXTILE
  • TO-01 とみや織物株式会社 TEXTILE
  • YO-02 岱崎織物 FABRICS
  • WB-02 渡文 TEXTILE
  • TO-02 とみや織物株式会社 TEXTILE
  • YO-03 岱崎織物 TEXTILE
  • WB-03 渡文 TEXTILE
  • TO-03 とみや織物株式会社 TEXTILE
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